Hello there! I'm Shelley and I am a mama, painter, occassional writer and dreamer. 

 My husband cracking me up pre-wine tasting

My husband cracking me up pre-wine tasting

I specialize in large abstract works that focus on color and flow. I love creating custom pieces for the curated home and collaborating with interior designers. Original art can add beauty and meaning to your home.

I am lucky enough to live in sunny Southern California and this deeply inspires my work. The flowers, the sea, the air, the colors and the ethereal feelings that come with living here are a constant theme in my paintings. 

I am often inspired by color and layers and create from a place of not always knowing the outcome, but having an idea of how I want the process to be. That makes seeing the final product that much more exciting for me (and yes also sometimes frustrating, but mostly exciting). Sometimes the process is representative of an experience; sometimes it is simply my curiosity of what will happen if I do this? I consider myself an intuitive painter, although I love to learn new techniques or perspectives. 

As an artist I am drawn to the feminine themes; literally meaning the woman's body and figuratively ranging from flowers to the sea. The way the waves create tension and glide over one another in the same instance or a flower blooms and reveals herself to the sun...each of these moments creating a dance. This movement is why I am so drawn to the process of painting. The dance of the paint with the brush, the way water can float over the canvas and the push and pull of the colors all mesmerize me. Painting allows me to express what I sometimes can't in words. It transcends my perfectionism and allows me to flow in ease. It is meditative for me.

My love of that flow is what I am often trying to capture. I want you to feel a sense of lightness, an ethereal feeling, a moment of pause, of breath. A deep breath that fills you up and lightens you at the same time.

On life and stuff...

I love my family, deep belly laughs with my daughters, just about anything mystic, mermaids, music that moves my soul, good coffee and deep conversations. All of this inspires my work whether I'm painting or writing.

My hope is that my art makes you feel and if it can add a little beauty or inspiration to your life, even better. I believe when we are inspired, supported & nourished we can create the life we crave.

Thank you for being here. xo

Fun facts because I know I always love those...

  • I love music and grew up on classic rock and 90’s grunge. My mom took me to more concerts than I can count.

  • I am a vegetarian and typically love to eat healthy, but I consider chips and queso followed by sour punchies a legit meal.

  • My favorite movie is Dream a Little Dream, mystic themes and the two Cories…done.

  • I love a good joke.

  • I recently surfed for the first time and fell in love…I get the big deal now.

  • I grew up in Las Vegas and spent 4 years working at a hotel pool..all these years later I still look back at that as one of the funnest times in my life.

  • I spent a weekend in Mendocino talking to mermaids through abalone shells with my childhood best friend...it was magical.

  • I still believe in mermaids.

  • Lavender lattes are my favorite.

  • So is dark beer, like a peanut butter stout, yum!

  • Painting & writing soothe my soul.